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To send you the Losbter SIM card and the welcome gift you must fill in this form. We will then call you by phone to ask you for the bank card information to pay your chosen tariff (we do this for your own security). However, if you prefer, you can also provide this information directly to Lobster by calling their customer service number.

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Bonus Plan and SIM card

If you wish, you can change to a new plan any time you like; you don’t have to wait until your plan finishes. The changeover will be instant and you can start using the new plan with no fuss. From the day you change, you’ll be charged straight away for the new plan and it will restart from that day. Lobster plans run for 28 days. Enjoy a 20€ discount for the first six months and then only standard pricing!
If you ask us to call you we will always call you from the number 910 075 325. We will ask you for bank card number, its expiration date an the CVV (3 back side numbers). If you prefer to call Lobster we will send you an email with a reference and the Lobster customer number . Then, you can give them your bank card number.